Dick Francis; Felix Francis: A zsoké halála
könyv A zsoké halála

General Press Kiadó, 2010

Botrány kavarja fel Anglia lóversenyvilágát: egy élvonalbeli zsokét vasvillával megölnek a saját házában, és a bizonyítékok olyan egyérte...

Felix Francis; Dick Francis: Tiszta pénz
könyv Tiszta pénz

General Press Kiadó, 2011

Az ascotti derby legelső napján Ned Talbot bukméker reménytelenül várja, hogy kedvence beérjen a célba. A szerencsejátékosok reménykedhet...

Dick Francis; Felix Francis: Veszélyes futam
könyv Veszélyes futam

General Press Kiadó, 2010

Max Moreton feltörekvő angol séf. Élete sikerekben bővelkedik: megnyitotta éttermét, és a lóversenypálya melletti vendéglő sorra hozta sz...

Dick Francis: Reflex (OBW 4)
idegen Reflex (OBW 4)

Oxford University Press, 2001

Egyszerűsített szövegű - rövidített kiadás nyelvtanulóknak.

730 Ft
Francis, Dick: Reflex
Francis, Dick

Diogenes, 1991

Ein zäher junger Jockey mit einer rauhen Vergangenheit und einer erfolgversprechenden Zukunft stolpert über Erpressung und manipulierte R...

4 951 Ft 4 704 Ft
Francis, Dick: Rat Race
Francis, Dick
Rat Race

Diogenes, 2000

Charterpilot Matt Shore hat in seinem Leben schon größere Herausforderungen gemeistert, als betuchte Pferdebesitzer, Spitzenjockeys und -...

4 954 Ft 4 707 Ft
Francis, Dick: Peitsche
Francis, Dick

Diogenes, 1995

Wenn ein Jockey seine Lizenz verliert, ist er erledigt. Um so mehr, wenn ihm Betrug im Rennen vorgeworfen wird. Kelly Hughes läßt sich ni...

4 951 Ft 4 704 Ft
Francis, Dick: Doping
Francis, Dick

Diogenes, 2000

Daniel Roke, australischer Pferdezüchter und Besitzer einer Pferdefarm, bekommt eines Tages ganz unerwartet Besuch von einem Engländer, d...

4 954 Ft 4 707 Ft
Francis, Dick: Mammon
Francis, Dick

Diogenes, 2000

Fünfmal hat der Multimillionär Malcolm Pembroke geheiratet, zuletzt die geldgierige Moira. Die Folge: eine Horde verbitterter Exfrauen un...

5 378 Ft 5 110 Ft
Francis, Dick: Favorit
Francis, Dick

Diogenes, 1998

Gibt es etwas Heimtückischeres, als dem Pony eines todkranken Mädchens den Fuß abzuhacken? Ja, die Tatsache, dass Detektiv Sid Halley dem...

4 962 Ft 4 714 Ft
Francis, Dick: Zuschlag
Francis, Dick

Diogenes, 2007

Zu viel Ehrlichkeit schafft Feinde, zumal im Rennsport, wo nicht jeder saubere Hände hat. Außer Jonah Dereham. Nachdem ein Sturz seine Jo...

4 951 Ft 4 704 Ft
Francis, Dick - Francis, Felix: Abgebrüht
Francis, Dick - Francis, Felix

Diogenes, 2010

Max Moreton ist der jüngste Stern an Englands Sternekoch-Himmel. Doch sein Ruf ist gefährdet: Lebensmittelvergiftung nach einem Galadiner...

5 371 Ft 5 103 Ft
Francis, Dick - Francis, Felix: Kreuzfeuer
Francis, Dick - Francis, Felix

Diogenes, 2013

Captain Tom Forsyth kehrt schwerverletzt aus Afghanistan zurück. Zu Hause in England erwartet ihn jedoch ein nicht minder gefährliches Mi...

5 367 Ft 5 099 Ft
Dick Francis: Bolt
idegen Bolt

Champion jockey Kit Fielding again proves his mettle when Henri Nanterre, the ruthless business partner of his fiancee's uncle, tries to ...

Dick Francis: Bonecrack
idegen Bonecrack

Violence suddenly takes the lead in the life of Neil Griffon. Following a grisly accident that lands his father in the hospital, Griffon ...

Dick Francis: Hot Money
idegen Hot Money

Glamorous socialite Moira Pembroke is found brutally murdered,face down in a sack of potting compost.Her husband ,multimillionaire Malcom...

Dick Francis: Silks
idegen Silks

The title to Francis’ second entry on the racetrack suspense circuit since his return from a long absence is shorthand for his new hero’s...

Dick Francis: Wild horses
idegen Wild horses

In the Suffolk city of Newmarket, Thomas Lyon is for the first time directing a film featuring an American megastar. Based on a bestselli...

Dick Francis; Felix Francis: Even Money
antikvár Even Money

O n the first day of Royal Ascot, the world's most famous horse race, the crowd rejoices in a string of winning favorites. Ned Talbot has...

1 490 Ft - 1 550 Ft
Dick Francis: 10-1b Penalty
antikvár 10-1b Penalty

Vonnegut Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Pan Books, 1997

At eighteen, easy-going young Benedict Juliard has no stronger ambition than to ride as an amateur jockey. His father, George, driven by ...

1 490 Ft
Dick Francis: Second Wind
idegen Second Wind

For a few precious seconds, the shricking wind dies down and the colossal waves lie flat. Airbone in the heart of the storm, TV weather f...

Dick Francis: Straight  /angol regény/
idegen Straight /angol regény/

Derek Franklin is an injured jockey.The last fence at Chelttenhan has left him on crutches...

Dick Francis: Reflex
antikvár Reflex

Alba Antik Litera Kft.

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Book Club Associates, 1981

1 400 Ft
Dick Francis: Twice shy
idegen Twice shy

Twice Shy is different from any other book Dick Francis has written - because instead of just one point of view, there are two narrators....

Dick Francis: Shattered
idegen Shattered

After his friend is killed in a horse-racing accident, up-and-coming glass artisan Gerard Logan finds himself embroiled in a deadly searc...

Dick Francis: Slay-Ride
idegen Slay-Ride

Set in Norway, this is a thriller in which an English jockey has gone missing and it is written by the former National Hunt Jockey and au...

Dick Francis: Voll Blut
idegen Voll Blut


Dick Francis: Dead Heat
antikvár Dead Heat

Alba Antik Litera Kft.

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Pan Books, 2008

Max Moreton is a rising culinary star?until his guests fall victim to severe food poisoning?and then a bomb blast rips through the lunche...

1 250 Ft
Dick Francis: The Danger
idegen The Danger

Andrew Douglas works for a company specializing in returning kidnap victims to their families. Italy's foremost woman jockey is kidnapped...

Dick Francis: Dead Cert
idegen Dead Cert

For millionaire jockey Alan York, winning is a bonus. For Joe Nantwich, victory means no cushy backhanders; and for Bill Davidson, front ...

Dick Francis: Field of 13
idegen Field of 13

There's a bomb scare at Kingdom Hill racecourse, where failed conman Tricksy Wilcox watches his dreams blown to kingdom come... At Chelte...

Dick Francis: Banker
idegen Banker

When young investment banker Tim Ekaterin becomes involved in the cutthroat world of thoroughbred racing, he finds his life in business b...

Dick Francis: Trial Run
idegen Trial Run

A royally connected candidate is going for gold at the Moscow Olympic Games. But a mysterious 'Aloysha' has threatened to turn it into an...

Dick Francis: Field of 13
idegen Field of 13

In this collection of short stories the settings range from the national Hunt at Cheltenham, where a middle-aged owner falls in love with...

Dick Francis: Hot Money
idegen Hot Money

Fabulously wealthy gold trader Malcolm Pembroke has in his possession something the whole world wants-and anyone could kill for. In fact,...

Dick Francis: Straight & Trial Run
idegen Straight & Trial Run

Straight Ex-jockey, Derek Franklin, inherits his brother's jewellery business, mistress and some shadowy business associates. When expen...