Brown, Alan W.: Enterprise Software Delivery
Brown, Alan W.
Enterprise Software Delivery

Addison Wesley, 2012

Globalization, rapid technolo

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Burdon, Rowland - Libby, William J. - Brown, Alan G.: Domestication of Radiata Pine
Burdon, Rowland - Libby, William J. - Brown, Alan G.
Domestication of Radiata Pine

Springer International Publishing, 2018

In nature, radiata pine is very localised and an obscure tree species despite the romantic character of much of its natural habitat.  Tha...

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Brown, Alan - Kirpal, Simone - Rauner, Felix: Identities at Work
Brown, Alan - Kirpal, Simone - Rauner, Felix
Identities at Work

Springer Netherland, 2007

This book examines continuity and change of identity formation processes at work under conditions of modern working processes and labor m...

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Brown, Alan W.: Delivering Digital Transformation
Brown, Alan W.
Delivering Digital Transformation

De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2019

Deliver on your digital transformation by learning from the insights and experiences from organizations adapting their approaches to life...

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Brown, Andrew - Slade, Maria - Ingoe, Helen - Middleton, Alan
Eureka: Rheumatology and Orthopaedics

Scion Publishing Ltd, 2021

Eureka: Rheumatology and Orthopaedics is an innovative book for medical students that fully integrates core science, clinical medicine an...