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Siegel, Minerva: Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook idegen
Siegel, Minerva

Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Simon + Schuster Inc., 2021

Join the hunt for answers with this collectible Supernatural tarot deck and guidebook, featuring Sam and Dean Winchester, their friends, ...

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Greer, John Michael: The Occult Book idegen
Greer, John Michael

The Occult Book - A Chronological Journey from Alchemy to Wicca

Union Square & Co., 2017

A Chronological Journey from Alchemy to Wicca

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9 366 Ft

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Krans, Kim: The Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot idegen
Krans, Kim

The Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot

Harper Collins Publ. USA, 2021

A compact, portable version of Kim Krans' blockbuster New York Times bestselling tarot deck and guidebook, featuring her lush four-color ...

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Chown, Xanna Eve: The Little Book of Tarot idegen
Chown, Xanna Eve

The Little Book of Tarot - An Introduction to Fortune-Telling and Divination

Summersdale Publishers, 2019

Have you ever wondered what fate has in store for you? With an introduction to the 78 cards and their symbols, advice on choosing your de...

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3 640 Ft

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Krans, Kim: The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook idegen
Krans, Kim

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook

Harper Collins Publ. USA, 2019

In this wholly original, never-before-seen box set, the New York Times bestselling author who has redefined tarot for the twenty-first ce...

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Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten idegen

Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten - Kartendeck

K”nigsfurt-Urania Verlag GmbH, 2003

Die traditionellen Wahrsagekarten entstanden Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts in Österreich. Nach den Lenormandkarten sind die Zigeunerkarten ...

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Rohr, Wulfing von: Cards of Time GB idegen
Rohr, Wulfing von

Cards of Time GB - Find the right moment

AGM Urania, 2018

Whenever we want to change something in our lives or need to make important decisions, it often depends on the right time to do so. The C...

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7 206 Ft

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Fenton, Sasha: In Focus Astrology 1 idegen
Fenton, Sasha

In Focus Astrology 1 - Your Personal Guide

Quarto, 2018

In Focus Astrology provides the ins and outs of all the star signs, along with instructions to create your own astrology chart. Included ...

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6 714 Ft

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Waite, A. E.: The Key To The Tarot idegen
Waite, A. E.

The Key To The Tarot - The Official Companion to the World Famous Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

Random House UK Ltd, 2020

The official companion to the world famous Original Rider Waite Tarot - the most popular deck in the world. The Key to the Tarot is the e...

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Shipman, Sarah: Our Tarot idegen
Shipman, Sarah

Our Tarot - A Guidebook and Deck Featuring Notable Women in History

Harper Collins Publ. USA, 2020

Packaged in a deluxe, shrink-wrapped keepsake box?featuring a magnetic closure, ribbon, and guidebook?an innovative and stunning full-col...

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Joseph Wechsberg: Blue tarot and black truffles (the peregrinations of an Epicure) antikvár

Blue tarot and black truffles (the peregrinations of an Epicure)

Központi Antikvárium Kft.

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Academy Chicago Publishers, 1985

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1 200 Ft

Panigrahi, Shantanu: REPUTATION MATTERS idegen
Panigrahi, Shantanu


The Conservative Libertarian Publications Limited, 2022

This book is about the importance of reputation: why it matters and what is the ideal reputation for the image of the brand that one is p...

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10 202 Ft

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Fiechter, Regula Elisabeth - Trösch, Urban: Mystical Lenormand Cards - GB idegen
Fiechter, Regula Elisabeth - Trösch, Urban

Mystical Lenormand Cards - GB - The fortune cards of Marie Anne Lenormand - English Version

AGM Urania, 2022

The famous cards of Mlle Lenormand (1772-1843), the "Sibyl of Paris", in a wonderful edition. Regula Elizabeth Fiechter has worked with t...

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3 585 Ft

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Brock, Tanja: Astro Cards GB idegen
Brock, Tanja

Astro Cards GB - 43 Oracle Cards with Booklet

AGM Urania, 2022

Dive into the magical world of astrology! These fascinating cards will help you understand your own birth horoscope & discover unimagined...

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9 655 Ft

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Almeida, Helena de: Lovely Animals Oracle idegen
Almeida, Helena de

Lovely Animals Oracle - 44 Power Animal Cards GB

AGM Urania, 2023

Helena de Almeida has a close relationship with all animals. For this pack of cards, she has selected 44 animals from over 200 with a spe...

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9 239 Ft

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Ceoltóir, Lyra: Rune Oracle (GB Edition) idegen
Ceoltóir, Lyra

Rune Oracle (GB Edition) - 24 Rune Cards with Book

AGM Urania, 2022

Runes were used not only as characters, but also as oracles and are carriers of an ancient magical tradition. In 24 characters they repre...

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10 056 Ft

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Petersen, Margarete: Margarete Petersen Tarot (GB Edition) idegen
Petersen, Margarete

Margarete Petersen Tarot (GB Edition) - 78 Tarot Cards with detailed instructions (Anniversary Edition)

AGM Urania, 2021

Completed in 21 years and a legend: the Margarete Petersen Tarot. First published in 2001, this special edition is published for the 20 a...

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11 670 Ft

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1JJ Swiss Tarot Cards GB idegen

1JJ Swiss Tarot Cards GB - Complete with instructions

AGM Urania, 1972

The 1JJ Swiss Tarot is an older style of tarot deck. The cards are reprints of early woodcut designs, printed in black and coloured with ...

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7 528 Ft

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Scharz, Lilo: Kitty Kahane Tarot (GB Edition) idegen
Scharz, Lilo

Kitty Kahane Tarot (GB Edition) - 78 Tarot cards with detailed instructions

AGM Urania, 2021

New edition of the internationally successful Kitty Kahane Tarot Kitty Kahane has redesigned the classic tarot of A. E. Waite in her own ...

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11 648 Ft

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Donovan, Remington: Prosperity Practices idegen
Donovan, Remington

Prosperity Practices - Harnessing the Power of Positive Thinking to Get the Life You Want

Hardie Grant London Ltd., 2023

It is divided into four chapters - Attitude of Gratitude, The Power of the Word, The Gift of Giving and Let it Grow - and includes a broa...

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6 688 Ft

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Butterworth, Lisa: A Beginner's Guide to Astrology idegen
Butterworth, Lisa

A Beginner's Guide to Astrology - Learn how the language of the stars can light up your life

Abrams & Chronicle Books, 2023

This beautifully illustrated and photographed book offers an introductory guide to the zodiac signs. Learn about what astrology is, its h...

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7 713 Ft

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Waite, Arthur Edward: The Pictorial Key to the Tarot idegen
Waite, Arthur Edward

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Cosimo Classics, 2007

"American-born British author and master of esoterica ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE (1857¿1942) was cocreator of the famous 1910 Rider-Waite Tarot ...

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8 881 Ft

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Bdolak, Levanah Shell: Healing Magic idegen
Bdolak, Levanah Shell

Healing Magic - Learn to Heal Yourself and Others

AuthorHouse, 2010

BACK COVER OF BOOK Learn to heal yourself and others. Are You a Healer? Everyone has the ability to heal but most people do not pay atten...

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9 029 Ft

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Bazant, Sharon: Nine Years in Bangkok idegen
Bazant, Sharon

Nine Years in Bangkok - Lessons Learned

Booklocker.com, Inc., 2019

The magic of living and traveling in exotic locales doesn't insulate anyone from a crisis of the soul. Nine Years in Bangkok: Lessons Lea...

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9 463 Ft

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John, Jaiya: All These Rivers and You Chose Love idegen
John, Jaiya

All These Rivers and You Chose Love

Soul Water Rising, 2023

You are a cane of sugar. Your stalk is cut and crying. Your Love pours out. You cannot stop. This is why you are free. With All These Riv...

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11 937 Ft

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Marinzeck de Carvalho, Vera Lúcia - Patrícia, Spiritist Romance by: The Writer's House idegen
Marinzeck de Carvalho, Vera Lúcia - Patrícia, Spiritist Romance by

The Writer's House

World Spiritist Institute, 2023

The Writer's House is one the books from the succesful series from Vera Lúcia Marinzeck de Carvalho and Patricia, series that include "Vi...

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11 077 Ft

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Ason, Rosalia: Daily Motivational Quotes idegen
Ason, Rosalia

Daily Motivational Quotes - Greatest 365 Inspirational Quotes Book!

WorldWide Spark Publish, 2021

BEST INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES BOOK!!! Are you bored of all inspirational quotes books and are you looking for something new and different? Tr...

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7 716 Ft

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Arora, Suruchi: Snowdrops idegen
Arora, Suruchi


White Falcon Publishing, 2021

Pure and simple shoots awake, From frozen winter, shadowed plains. They cover the earth in beauty and bliss, and Ring with the hope of sp...

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5 235 Ft

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Topping, Michael: ILLUMINATE idegen
Topping, Michael


Lulu.com, 2021

Illuminate is the second poetry book published by Michael G. Topping. A great read on a rainy day with a cup of coffee in your hand. This...

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4 627 Ft

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Gaebrialla, Adria: From Disbelief to Assurance idegen
Gaebrialla, Adria

From Disbelief to Assurance - A Journey Toward Spiritual Mastery

Bright Heart Publishers, 2022

Accompany Adria on her true-life quest into more than forty of her past lives. She learns to transform her present pain and fears using p...

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12 325 Ft

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Holm, Melinda Lee: Your Tarot Guide idegen
Holm, Melinda Lee

Your Tarot Guide - Learn to speak the language of the cards

Ryland Peters, 2023

Uncover the meanings of the cards to interpret the past, present, and future with this inspiring guide from expert tarot reader Melinda L...

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7 709 Ft

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Alton, Angelica: We Are Not Broken idegen
Alton, Angelica

We Are Not Broken - A True Story of Abuse, Alcoholism and Anxiety

Balboa Press, 2017

We Are Not Broken: A True Story of Abuse, Alcoholism and Anxiety is an inspirational and uplifting read of learning from life?s journey t...

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5 043 Ft

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Fiebig, Johannes - Kroll, Marcella: Tarot. The Library of Esoterica idegen
Fiebig, Johannes - Kroll, Marcella

Tarot. The Library of Esoterica


Tarot zu erforschen bedeutet, sich selbst zu erforschen und daran erinnert zu werden, dass es eine universelle Sehnsucht nach der Verbind...

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12 357 Ft

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Tudor Pole, Wellesley: Private Dowding idegen
Tudor Pole, Wellesley

Private Dowding - The Personal Story of a Soldier Killed in Battle

White Crow Productions Ltd, 2012

Private Thomas Dowding, a 37-year-old British soldier, was killed on the battlefield in WWI. On March 12, 1917, he began communicating th...

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6 197 Ft

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Elias, Camelia: The power of the trumps and pips idegen
Elias, Camelia

The power of the trumps and pips - The omnibus edition

EyeCorner Press, 2020

This book is an omnibus edition that gathers three types of texts around the Marseille Tarot: two previously published works out of print...

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20 995 Ft

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O'Neil, Ivy: Divination idegen
O'Neil, Ivy

Divination - A Little Introduction to Tarot, Runes, Tea Leaves, and More

Hachette Book Group USA, 2021

Discover the world of divining the future in this enchanted, illustrated introduction to the magical art of fortune telling. Uncover your...

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3 018 Ft

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Fairchild, Dennis: Palm Reading idegen
Fairchild, Dennis

Palm Reading - A Little Guide to Life's Secrets

Hachette Book Group USA, 2021

Explore the magic and the mystery of palm reading in this fully-illustrated guide to the ancient art. Noted psychic Dennis Fairchild reve...

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3 021 Ft

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Ferrini, Paul: Having the Time of your Life idegen
Ferrini, Paul

Having the Time of your Life

Heartways Press, Inc., 2015

Working with Cycles to Realize your Full Potential Moving with the current of the river is always more satisfying than trying to swim ups...

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7 911 Ft

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Teuling, Lisa den: Powerful Women idegen
Teuling, Lisa den

Powerful Women - Affirmation Deck

BIS Publishers, 2022

Im Jahr 2019 wurde von Studio Lisa eine kreative Illustrations-Challenge ins Leben gerufen, die #powerfulwomenweek. Es wurden hieraus 60 ...

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8 114 Ft

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Caponi, Stefanie: Guided Tarot Box Set idegen
Caponi, Stefanie

Guided Tarot Box Set - Illustrated Book & Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

Random House LLC US, 2022

The essential tarot kit to read cards seamlessly—with confidence and ease. Featuring Stefanie Caponi’s bestselling 240-page guidebook, Gu...

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10 412 Ft

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Matassa, Bess: Tarot Almanac idegen
Matassa, Bess

Tarot Almanac - A Seasonal Guide to Divining with Your Cards

Union Square & Co., 2023

The 78 cards of the tarot hold the keys to understanding your world. The Tarot Almanac is your path to uncovering each card's meaning as ...

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12 817 Ft

Eredeti ár: 13 491 Ft

Lee Holm, Melinda: The Tarot of Tales idegen
Lee Holm, Melinda

The Tarot of Tales - A folk-tale inspired boxed set including a full deck of 78 specially commissioned tarot cards and a 128-page illustrated book

Ryland Peters, 2023

Discover a new approach to tarot with this folk-tale inspired deluxe boxed book-and-card set from tarot expert Melinda Lee Holm and lavis...

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15 208 Ft

Eredeti ár: 16 008 Ft

Ashwell, Lily: Heavenly Bodies Astrology idegen
Ashwell, Lily

Heavenly Bodies Astrology - Deck and Hardback Guidebook (Deluxe Boxset)

Ryland Peters, 2021

A visually stunning astrology boxset, with everything you need for your astrological education - whether you're a brand new beginner or a...

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15 182 Ft

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Fairchild, Alana: 11.11 Oracle Book idegen
Fairchild, Alana

11.11 Oracle Book


Dial into your cosmic inner support system with this comprehensive reference to the numbers in your life. This unique resource of 1111 pa...

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10 736 Ft

Eredeti ár: 11 301 Ft

Pelletier, Dan M.: La Santa Muerte Lenormand idegen
Pelletier, Dan M.

La Santa Muerte Lenormand


The spirit of La Santa Muerte reveals hidden mysteries within and shows the path forward.

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10 274 Ft

Eredeti ár: 10 814 Ft

Ellwood, Helen: Love, Death and Beyond idegen
Ellwood, Helen

Love, Death and Beyond - A spiritual awakening

Local Legend, 2022

Every reader will be able to relate to this beautifully written memoir. Helen was always almost afraid of living, knowing that a dark voi...

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5 868 Ft

Eredeti ár: 6 176 Ft

Corbeil, Brigitte: The Goddess Guide to Soul Styling Lifestyle idegen
Corbeil, Brigitte

The Goddess Guide to Soul Styling Lifestyle - How to dress to feel your best

Balboa Press, 2016

Want to learn how to dress and embrace your body? Want to learn how to dress to feel empowered? Want to learn how to dress and step into ...

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4 793 Ft

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Montgomery, Vanessa: Astro Power idegen
Montgomery, Vanessa

Astro Power - A Simple Guide to Prediction and Destiny, for the Modern Mystic

Quadrille Publishing Ltd, 2022

Use the planets and stars to predict your destiny

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7 713 Ft

Eredeti ár: 8 118 Ft

Gong, Tina: Tarot idegen
Gong, Tina

Tarot - Connect With Yourself, Develop Your Intuition, Live Mindfully

Dorling Kindersley Ltd., 2020

Find out how to customize, interpret and apply the wisdom of tarot to enhance every area of your life - your career, finances, relationsh...

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8 743 Ft

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Eason, Cassandra: A Little Bit of Palmistry: An Introduction to Palm Reading Volume 16 idegen
Eason, Cassandra

A Little Bit of Palmistry: An Introduction to Palm Reading Volume 16 - An Introduction to Palm Reading


An Introduction to Palm Reading

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4 240 Ft

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Barbier, Laetitia: Tarot and Divination Cards idegen
Barbier, Laetitia

Tarot and Divination Cards - A Visual Archive

Abrams & Chronicle Books, 2022

This 400 page book presents for the first time a close look at 500 years of figurative card decks created or used for fortune telling, di...

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14 965 Ft

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Mayo, Matthew P.: Haunted Old West idegen
Mayo, Matthew P.

Haunted Old West - Phantom Cowboys, Spirit-Filled Saloons, and Mystical Mine Camps, Second Edition

Globe Pequot, 2023

Things that go bump in the night, disembodied voices, footsteps in an empty stairwell, an icy hand on your shoulder ... let your imaginat...

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6 754 Ft

Eredeti ár: 7 109 Ft

Gottesdiener, Sarah Faith: The Moon Book idegen
Gottesdiener, Sarah Faith

The Moon Book - Lunar Magic to Change Your Life

St Martin's Press, 2021

A guide to conscious living through the moon and her phases, incorporating wellness rituals, spellwork, and witchcraft for the modern see...

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12 371 Ft

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Pollack, Rachel: Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom (Hardcover Gift Edition): A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness idegen
Pollack, Rachel

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom (Hardcover Gift Edition): A Tarot Journey to Self-Awareness


"An in-depth analysis of the Tarot, examining all aspects of the cards - their origins, symbolism, psychological resonances and historica...

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14 155 Ft

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Wilson, Mykell: The Mighty Little Book idegen
Wilson, Mykell

The Mighty Little Book

Mykell Wilson, 2016

Have you ever wandered down a street, not really knowing where you're going, only to discover the most amazing bar, bookstore, restaurant...

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5 810 Ft

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Pettitt, Alena Kate - The Darling Academy: Ladies Like Us idegen
Pettitt, Alena Kate - The Darling Academy

Ladies Like Us - A modern girl's guide to self-discovery, self-confidence and love

The Darling Academy, 2016

Ladies Like Us, the debut book from The Darling Academy shares honest, modern, fun and gentle guidance on what it really means to be a la...

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7 865 Ft

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Fiebig, Johannes - Greer, Mary K. - Pollack, Rachel - Gilbert, Robert A.: The Tarot of A. E. Waite and P. Colman Smith idegen
Fiebig, Johannes - Greer, Mary K. - Pollack, Rachel - Gilbert, Robert A.

The Tarot of A. E. Waite and P. Colman Smith


Diese Edition ist eine umfassende Einführung der berühmten Karten von Arthur E. Waite und Pamela Colman Smith. Unzählige Bilder und Dokum...




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