Evelyn Prentis: Matron in Charge
antikvár Matron in Charge

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Ebury Press, 2012

'She should never have kept the business going after her husband died. Running a betting shop is no job for a woman. Especially when she'...

1 250 Ft
Evelyn Prentis: A Nurse in Action
antikvár A Nurse in Action

Ebury Press, 2011

'We were quickly learning to live with war. We became very proficient at moving the patients who could walk quickly to the shelters when ...

590 Ft - 1 450 Ft
Evelyn Prentis: A Nurse in Time
antikvár A Nurse in Time

Ebury Press, 1450

'It must be stressed from the start that I was not a born nurse. Not every girl is. Not every nurse is either, however wholeheartedly she...

1 450 Ft
Evelyn Prentis: A Nurse and Mother
antikvár A Nurse and Mother

Ebury Press

At the end of the Second World War, as husbands came back to Civvy Street their wives had the luxury of staying at home with the children...

1 350 Ft - 1 450 Ft