Lilian Harry: A Stranger in Burracombe
idegen A Stranger in Burracombe

Like the rest of the nation, the Burracombe villagers are shocked when King George VI dies suddenly in 1952. In the midst of their grief,...

Lilian Harry: An Heir for Burracombe
idegen An Heir for Burracombe

It's a summer's day in 1953 that turns Hilary Napier's life upside-down. When Marianne, a beautiful French woman, knocks on her door, Hil...

Lilian Harry: Wives & Sweethearts
antikvár Wives & Sweethearts

Alba Antik Litera Kft.

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Orion Books Ltd., 2002

Clare and Kathy are young, inexperienced, and very much in love with their men. But being "married to the Navy" is harder than either of ...

1 150 Ft
Lilian Harry: A Farthing Will Do
antikvár A Farthing Will Do


Ruth, Lizzie and Heather each have their own reasons for greeting the end of the war with mixed feelings. For Ruth, it means she must fac...

900 Ft - 1 000 Ft
Lilian Harry: Corner House Girls
antikvár Corner House Girls

When cousins Jo and Phyl decide to become Lyons Corner House waitresses, or 'Nippies' as they are known for their speedy service, they ha...

1 000 Ft
Lilian Harry: Secrets in Burracombe
antikvár Secrets in Burracombe

Orion, 2012

Sometimes we all want to get away, and Burracombe is the perfect place to escape to. A seemingly sleepy Devonshire village, in fact it's ...

1 450 Ft - 1 500 Ft
Lilian Harry: Love & Laughter - Three Little Ship
antikvár Love & Laughter - Three Little Ship

Alba Antik Litera Kft.

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Orion Books Ltd., 2011

1 350 Ft
Lilian Harry: Springtime in Burracombe
antikvár Springtime in Burracombe

The village of Burracombe is looking forward to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, but 1953 is to prove a year of heartbreak as well a...

1 000 Ft - 1 250 Ft
Lilian Harry: Three Little Ships
antikvár Three Little Ships

Orion, 2006

During just nine days in the early summer of 1940, nearly 800 "little ships," from lifeboats and passenger steamers to small private yach...

690 Ft - 1 150 Ft
Lilian Harry: A Song at Twilight
antikvár A Song at Twilight

Alba Antik Litera Kft.

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Orion Paperback, 2007

It is 1943 and the quiet of Harrowbeer, in Devon, is disrupted by increased activity at the nearly airfield, built at the beginning of th...

1 250 Ft
Lilian Harry: A Promise to Keep
antikvár A Promise to Keep

Orion Paperback, 2004

1 190 Ft - 1 300 Ft
Lilian Harry: Storm Over Burracombe
antikvár Storm Over Burracombe

Bástya Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Orion, 2008

There's trouble afoot in Burracombe... Hilary Napier is upset and angry when her father brings in a new manager for the family estate ...

1 990 Ft
Lilian Harry: A Penny a Day
antikvár A Penny a Day

Orion Paperback, 2009

It is December 1952. A wedding is being planned in April Grove, Portsmouth, and Jess and Frank Budd want to bring together all their frie...

590 Ft - 1 250 Ft
Lilian Harry: Love and Laughter
antikvár Love and Laughter

Orion Paperback

The War is over at last and in Plymouth and Portsmouth, two of Britain's greatest seaports, the task of rebuilding must begin. But it is ...

800 Ft - 1 000 Ft