Kevin J. Anderson, Doug Beason: Assemblers of Infinity
e-Könyv Assemblers of Infinity

WordFire Press, 2020

Nebula Award Nominee. The crew of Moonbase Columbus make an amazing discovery on the far side of the Moon—a massive alien structure is er...

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Kevin J. Anderson, Doug Beason: Virtual Destruction
e-Könyv Virtual Destruction

WordFire Press, 2020

At the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California—one of the nation’s premier nuclear-weapons design facilities—high-level phys...

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Kevin J. Anderson, Doug Beason: Lethal Exposure
e-Könyv Lethal Exposure

WordFire Press, 2020

At Fermilab near Chicago, researchers use the world’s largest particle accelerator to unlock the secrets of the subatomic universe. While...

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