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Gillian Flynn: Sharp Objects
idegen Sharp Objects

Orion, 2018

When two girls are abducted and killed in Missouri, journalist Camille Preaker is sent back to her home town to report on the crimes. ...

3 590 Ft 3 051 Ft
Stephen King, Owen King: Sleeping Beauties
idegen Sleeping Beauties

Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., 2018

A spectacular father/son collaboration like no other, Stephen King and Owen King tell the highest of high stakes stories: what might happ...

2 990 Ft 2 541 Ft
Tom Rob Smith: Child 44
idegen Child 44

Simon & Schuster, 2015

MGB officer Leo is a man who never questions the Party Line. He arrests whomever he is told to arrest. He dismisses the horrific death of...

2 790 Ft 2 650 Ft
Harper Lee: Go Set a Watchmen (HC)
idegen Go Set a Watchmen (HC)


'Every man's island, Jean Louise, every man's watchman, is his conscience.'

7 190 Ft
James Patterson: Mistress
idegen Mistress


How well can you ever really know someone? As Ben Casper watches his best friend plummet from her sixth-floor apartment balcony, he reali...

2 890 Ft
Camilla Lackberg: The Drowning
idegen The Drowning

Harper Collins, 2012

Swedish crime sensation and No. 1 international bestseller, Camilla Lackberg's new psychological thriller - for fans of Stieg Larsson and...

3 050 Ft 2 897 Ft
John Sandford: Field of Prey
idegen Field of Prey

Harper Collins, 2015

The night after the fourth of July, Layton Carlson Jr., of Red Wing, Minnesota, finally got lucky. And unlucky. He'd picked the perfect s...

2 650 Ft
Robert Masello: The Medusa Amulet
idegen The Medusa Amulet


Benvenuto Cellini - the master artisan of Renaissance Italy: goldsmith, sculptor . . . necromancer. Creator of a beautifully carved amule...

2 593 Ft
James Patterson: Kill Me if You Can
idegen Kill Me if You Can

Arrow Books, 2012

Matthew Bannon, a poor art student living in New York City, finds a leather bag filled with diamonds during a chaotic attack at Grand Cen...

2 360 Ft
John Connolly: The Wrath of Angels
idegen The Wrath of Angels

Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., 2013

In the depths of the Maine woods, the wreckage of an aeroplane is discovered. There are no bodies, and no such plane has ever been report...

2 453 Ft
Jeffery Deaver: The Skin Collector
idegen The Skin Collector

Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., 2015

A new type of serial killer is stalking the streets of New York - one more devious and disturbing than ever before. They call this butche...

3 390 Ft
Robert Ludlum: The Bourne Legacy
idegen The Bourne Legacy

Orion, 2007

In Robert Ludlum's ground-breaking career, no other character so captured and held the world's imagination as Jason Bourne. He appeared i...

2 360 Ft
Linwood Barclay: Trust Your Eyes
idegen Trust Your Eyes

Orion Books Ltd., 2012

Map-obsessed Thomas spends his days and nights on a virtual tour of the world, believing he must store the details of every town and city...

2 350 Ft
Tom Harper: The Lazarus Vault
idegen The Lazarus Vault


Deep in the heart of London, the Monsalvat Bank is small, secretive and fabulously wealthy. When Ellie Stanton, an impoverished graduate ...

2 545 Ft 2 418 Ft
Michael White: The Art of Murder
idegen The Art of Murder

Arrow Books, 2010

In all his years on the force, Detective Chief Inspector Pendragon had never seen a corpse like this one. After the initial horror, he re...

2 593 Ft 2 463 Ft
Rosamund Lupton: Sister
idegen Sister

Piatkus, 2012

Nothing can break the bond between sisters.When Beatrice gets a frantic call in the middle of Sunday lunch to say that her younger sister...

3 990 Ft
Anne Rice: Angel Time
idegen Angel Time

Arrow Books, 2010

Full of provocative moral reflection, this kickoff to bestseller Rices new Song of the Seraphim religious romance series... readers will ...

2 182 Ft
Anders Roslund; Börge Hellström: Three Seconds
idegen Three Seconds

Quercus, 2010

ONE MURDER. Piet Hoffmann is the Swedish police force's best undercover operative. Not even his family know of his double identity. Ye...

2 390 Ft
Frederick Forsyth: The Kill List
idegen The Kill List

Bantam Press, 2013

The Kill List: a top secret catalogue of names held at the highest level of the US government. On it, those men and women who would threa...

4 528 Ft
Alex Berenson: The Midnight House
idegen The Midnight House

Arrow Books, 2011

When members of a secret American interrogation squad that was running a black site in Poland in 2007 and 2008 and had since been disband...

2 182 Ft
Russell, Craig: The Long Glasgow Kiss
idegen The Long Glasgow Kiss

Quercus, 2010

Glasgow in the 1950s - private investigator Lennox is keeping a low profile, enjoying a fling with the daughter of shady bookie and greyh...

2 390 Ft
David Baldacci: Hell's Corner
idegen Hell's Corner

PAN, 2011

The Camel Club returns in the breathtaking follow up to "Divine Justice" from the number one international bestselling author. On the nig...

2 593 Ft
Glenn Meade: The Second Messiah
idegen The Second Messiah

Arrow Books, 2011

For two thousand years, wars have been fought, dynasties founded and great empires built on the message at the heart of Christianity that...

2 593 Ft
Elizabeth George: This Body of Death
idegen This Body of Death


While DI Thomas Lynley is still on compassionate leave after the murder of his wife, Isabelle Ardery is brought into the Met as his tempo...

2 327 Ft
Temple, Peter: Bad Debts
idegen Bad Debts

Quercus, 2013

Jack Irish doesn't spook too easy. He's had guns pointed at him too many times - more often since he started hiring himself out as a debt...

3 450 Ft 3 277 Ft
James Rollins: Altar of Eden
idegen Altar of Eden

Orion, 2010

Following the fall of Baghdad, two Iraqi boys stumble upon armed men looting the city zoo. The floodgates have been opened for the smuggl...

2 364 Ft
Lee Child: 61 Hours
idegen 61 Hours

Ballantine Books, 2011

A bus crashes in a savage snowstorm and lands Jack Reacher in the middle of a deadly confrontation. In nearby Bolton, South Dakota, one b...

2 415 Ft 2 294 Ft
David Baldacci: Zero Day
idegen Zero Day

PAN, 2012

John Puller is a combat veteran and the best military investigator in the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Division. His father was an ...

2 811 Ft
Wilbur Smith: Those in Peril
idegen Those in Peril

Pan Books, 2012

Hazel Bannock is the heir to the Bannock Oil Corp, one of the major oil producers with global reach. While cruising in the Indian Ocean, ...

2 811 Ft 2 670 Ft
Clive Cussler: Pacific Vortex!
antikvár Pacific Vortex!

Bantam Books, 1984

Célpont antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Dirk Pitt, death-defying adventurer and deep-sea expert, is put to the ultimate test as he plunges into the perilous waters of the Pacifi...

800 Ft
Terence Strong: Cold Monday
antikvár Cold Monday

Pocket Books, 2004

Bástya Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Haunted by the brutal killing of his UN interpreter wife in Bosnia, ex-SAS man Ed Coltrane is consumed with the need to avenge her murder...

1 450 Ft
Linda Fairstein: Final Jeopardy
antikvár Final Jeopardy

Warner Books, 1996

Bástya Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

This critically acclaimed, explosive thriller is a book only prosecutor Linda Fairstein could write. Patricia Cornwall knows the morgue; ...

1 090 Ft
Hilary Bonner: A Passion So Deadly
antikvár A Passion So Deadly

Arrow Books, 1998

Bástya Antikvárium

hibátlan, olvasatlan példány

A man is murdered in the gardens of a Bristol hotel. Working for a local escort agency, he had been requested by one of their regular fem...

1 500 Ft
Kelly Valen: The Twisted Sisterhood
antikvár The Twisted Sisterhood

Ballantine Books, 2010

Weöres Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

You know all about so-called "mean girls" and competitive, judgmental women. Maybe you had a cruel high school experience straight out of...

1 490 Ft
Stephen Leather: Midnight
antikvár Midnight

Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., 2011

Központi Antikvárium Kft.

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

1 600 Ft
John Trenhaile: Blood Rules
antikvár Blood Rules

HarperCollins Publishers, 1993

Pestszentimrei Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

En route to Sydney, Colin Raleigh and his son, Robbie, find their plane hijacked by a group of Shiite Muslims, led by none other than Rob...

1 490 Ft
Sharleen Cooper Cohen: Lives of Value
antikvár Lives of Value

Warner Books, 1993

Pestszentimrei Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Sisters Suzanne and Steffani are bitter rivals and best of friends, one a best-selling novelist and the other courageously fighting a chr...

1 490 Ft
Richard Marcinko, John Weisman: Task Force Blue
antikvár Task Force Blue

Pocket Books, 1996

Weöres Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

When a band of terrorists breaches the Pentagon's security, Marcinko and his elite SEAL team, under the pressure of a murder charge, must...

1 990 Ft
Andrew Crumey: Mr. Mee: A Novel
antikvár Mr. Mee: A Novel

Picador, 2002

Weöres Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year In this inventive novel, octogenarian book collector Mr. Mee discovers the Internet with lif...

1 200 Ft
Sam Bourne: 2 books The Final Reconing,The Righteous Men
antikvár 2 books The Final Reconing,The Righteous Men

Harper Collins, 2012

Bástya Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

1 500 Ft
David Wind: Buy Out
antikvár Buy Out

HarperCollins Publishers, 1989

Weöres Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Product details Paperback: 432 pages Publisher: HarperCollins Distribution Services (May 12, 1989) Language: English ISBN-10: 0373574...

1 990 Ft
Thomas F. Monteleone: The Blood of the Lamb
antikvár The Blood of the Lamb

Tom Doherty Associates Book, 1993

Pestszentimrei Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

1 490 Ft
Gladys Mitchell: The Rising of the Moon
antikvár The Rising of the Moon

Virago Press, 2000

Pestszentimrei Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Every full moon, a Ripper runs amok on the streets of Brentford. Masters Simon and Keith Innes set out to catch the killer under the dist...

1 490 Ft
Herbert Van Thal: The sixth Pan Book of horror stories
antikvár The sixth Pan Book of horror stories

Pan Books, 1970


jó állapotú antikvár könyv

1 000 Ft
Clive Cussler: Lost City
antikvár Lost City

Penguin Books, 2005

Célpont antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

An enzyme that will dramatically prolong life has been discovered 2000 feet down in the North Atlantic, in an area known as 'Lost City'. ...

1 000 Ft
Sophia McDougall: Romanitas
antikvár Romanitas

Orion Books Ltd., 2006

Weöres Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

A slave waits to be crucified; a desperate young girl with strange abilities stalks through the streets of Lodon; a gang of fugitives hid...

1 800 Ft
Burton Wohl: The China Syndrome
antikvár The China Syndrome

Bantam Books, 1979

Hernádi Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

990 Ft
Edgar Allan Poe: The Science Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe
antikvár The Science Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe

Penguin English

Pestszentimrei Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

One of the greatest of all horror writers, Edgar Allan Poe (1809-49) also composed pioneering tales that seized upon the scientific devel...

2 990 Ft
James Becker: The Lost Testament
antikvár The Lost Testament

Bantam Books, 2013

Buda-Nosztalgia Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

1 000 Ft
Mark Billlingham: Death Message - The new Tom Thorne thriller
antikvár Death Message - The new Tom Thorne thriller

Sphere Books, 2012

Bástya Antikvárium

hibátlan, olvasatlan példány

The first message sent to Tom Thorne's mobile phone was just a picture - the blurred image of a man's face, but Thorne had seen enough de...

1 350 Ft
Carol Smith: Without Warning
antikvár Without Warning

Sphere Books, 2006

Bástya Antikvárium

hibátlan, olvasatlan példány

Rush hour on the underground and a killer is at large in London, striking apparently haphazardly in a series of vicious attacks. Andy Bre...

1 200 Ft
Allan Folsom: Day of Confession
antikvár Day of Confession

Warner Books, 1999

Vonnegut Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

The Addison brothers, Harry and Danny, have been estranged for many years, but when Danny calls from Rome pleading for Harry to get in to...

1 890 Ft
Frederick Forsyth: The Dogs Of War
antikvár The Dogs Of War

Bantam Books, 1978

Alba Könyvépítõ Kft.

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

In a remote corner of Zangaro, a small republic in Africa, lies Crystal Mountain. At certain times of the day the mountain emits a strang...

890 Ft
Patrick Bishop: A Good War
antikvár A Good War

Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., 2008

Bástya Antikvárium

hibátlan, olvasatlan példány

Adam Tomacevski is a Polish airman, flying Hurricanes alongside British pilots as the Battle of Britain rages in the summer skies over Ke...

1 600 Ft
Chris Simms: Killing The Beasts
antikvár Killing The Beasts

Orion Books Ltd., 2006

Bástya Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Manchester, 2002. The Commonwealth Games are coming to town and the city is alive with possibilities. Caught up in the commercial feeding...

890 Ft
Joseph Finder: Paranoia
antikvár Paranoia

Orion, 2004

Bástya Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Adam Cassidy is twenty-six and a low level employee at a high-tech corporation who hates his job. When he manipulates the system to do so...

1 090 Ft
Stuart Woods: Deep Lie
antikvár Deep Lie

Harper Collins, 1998

Bástya Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

Sifting through reams of seemingly unrelated intelligence, CIA analyst Katherine Rule discovers a chilling pattern: an ultrasecret Baltic...

990 Ft
Edwina Currie: The Ambassador
antikvár The Ambassador

Warner Books, 2000

Bástya Antikvárium

hibátlan, olvasatlan példány

In the Europe of 100 years from now, the European Union is the supreme leader of the free world. Ambassador Bill Strether is sent by the ...

1 190 Ft
John Connolly: Dark Hollow
antikvár Dark Hollow

Coronet Books, 2000

Célpont antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

A half-hearted investigator, Bird agrees to track down the ex-husband of Rita Purdue and get the child support she has coming to her. And...

900 Ft
Clive Clussler: Flood Tide
antikvár Flood Tide

Pocket Books, 1998

Célpont antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv

When a hero whose name never appears in print without a registered trademark symbol beside it sets out on a new adventure, readers should...

1 000 Ft