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Picoult, Jodi: The Book of Two Ways
Picoult, Jodi
The Book of Two Ways

Hodder And Stoughton Ltd., 2020

Dawn thinks she knows everything there is to know about dying. As a death doula she helps her clients fix what is left undone so they can...

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idegen The Canterville Ghost

ELI, 2014

There has been a ghost in the house for three hundred years, and Lord Cantervitte's family have had enough of it. So Lord CanterviLLe sel...

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idegen The Picture of Dorian Gray

ELI, 2014

Dorian Gray, a kivételes, lenyűgöző szépségű, romlatlan, bájos arcú, ártatlan fiatal férfi egy festő barátja otthonában – miközben egy fe...

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Yuval Noah Harari: Sapiens
idegen Sapiens

Vintage Books, 2016

100,000 years ago, at least six species of human inhabited the earth. Today there is just one. Us. Homo Sapiens. How did ...

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Emma - Oxford Bookworms Library 4
idegen Emma - Oxford Bookworms Library 4

Oxford University Press, 2019

So speculate the friends and neighbours of Emma Woodhouse, the lovely, lively, wilful,and fallible heroine of Jane Austen's fourth publis...

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Rudyard Kipling: The jungle book
idegen The jungle book

Harper Collins, 2010

"There is no harm in a man's cub." Best known for the "Mowgli" stories, Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book expertly interweaves myth, mora...

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idegen Dubliners + CD

ELI, 2014

Joyce szándéka a tizenöt történettel az volt, hogy naturalista módon mutassa be Írország középosztályának életét Dublinban és környékén a...

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Daphne Du Maurier: My Cousin Rachel
idegen My Cousin Rachel

Virago, 2017

Orphaned at an early age, Philip Ashley is raised by his benevolent cousin, Ambrose. Resolutely single, Ambrose delights in making Philip...

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Rupi Kaur: The Sun and Her Flowers
idegen The Sun and Her Flowers

Simon & Schuster, 2017

From Rupi Kaur, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of milk and honey, comes her long-awaited second collection of poetry.  A vibran...

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John Green: Turtles All The Way Down
idegen Turtles All The Way Down

Dutton, 2017

Sixteen-year-old Aza never intended to pursue the mystery of fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, but there's a hundred-thousand-dollar ...

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Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary
idegen Madame Bovary

Macmillan-Heinemann, 2017

Beautiful Emma Bovary dreams of love and riches but her marriage to Charles, a dull country doctor, is far from satisfying. In an attempt...

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Jane Austen: Emma
idegen Emma

Macmillan-Heinemann, 2016

Oft-copied but never bettered, Jane Austen's remarkable comedy of manners follows the charming but insensitive Emma Woodhouse as she sets...

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Wilkie Collins: The Moonstone
idegen The Moonstone

Macmillan-Heinemann, 2018

One of the great Victorian novels, The Moonstone has engrossed, entertained and enraptured readers since its first publication in 1868. T...

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Kevin Kwan: Crazy Rich Asians
idegen Crazy Rich Asians

Anchor Books, 2018

When Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home, long driv...

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Kevin Kwan: Rich People Problems
idegen Rich People Problems

Anchor Books, 2018

When Nicholas Young hears that his grandmother, Su Yi, is on her deathbed, he rushes to be by her bedside-but he's not alone. The entire ...

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Min Jin Lee: Pachinko
idegen Pachinko

Head of Zeus, 2018

Yeongdo, Korea 1911. In a small fishing village on the banks of the East Sea, a club-footed, cleft-lipped man marries a fifteen-year-old ...

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Jean M. Auel: The Land of Painted Caves
idegen The Land of Painted Caves

Bantam Press, 2011

THE LAND OF PAINTED CAVES concludes the story of Ayla, her mate Jondalar, and their little daughter, Jonayla, taking readers on a journey...

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Sally Rooney: Normal People
idegen Normal People

Faber & Faber, 2019

Connell and Marianne grow up in the same small town in rural Ireland. The similarities end there; they are from very different worlds. ...

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Heather Morris: Cilka's Journey
idegen Cilka's Journey


Cilka is just sixteen years old when she is taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, in 1942. The Commandant at Birkenau, Schwarzh...

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Rainbow Rowell: Wayward Son
idegen Wayward Son

Macmillan-Heinemann, 2019

The story is supposed to be over. Simon Snow did everything he was supposed to do. He beat the villain. He won the war. He even fell i...

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Jodi Picoult: A Spark of Light
idegen A Spark of Light

Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., 2019

The Center for women's reproductive health offers a last chance at hope - but nobody ends up there by choice. Its very existence is co...

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Sally Rooney: Conversations with Friends
idegen Conversations with Friends

Faber & Faber, 2018

Frances is twenty-one years old, cool-headed and observant. A student in Dublin and an aspiring writer, at night she performs spoken word...

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Ken Follett: Notre-Dame
idegen Notre-Dame

Macmillan-Heinemann, 2019

'Two days after Notre Dame burned, I flew to Paris to appear on the TV programme La Grande Librairie for a discussion about cathedrals. T...

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André Aciman: Find Me
idegen Find Me

Faber & Faber, 2019

In Find Me, Aciman shows us Elio's father, Samuel, on a trip from Florence to Rome to visit Elio, now a gifted classical pianist. A chanc...

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André Aciman: Call Me By Your Name
idegen Call Me By Your Name

Atlantic Books, 2017

Andre Aciman's Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer gu...

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Mihail Bulgakov: The Master and Margarita
idegen The Master and Margarita


Russia's literary world is shaken to its foundations when a mysterious gentleman - a professor of black magic - arrives in Moscow, accomp...

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Szabó Magda: Abigail
idegen Abigail


A teenage girl's difficult journey towards adulthood in a time of war. Of all her novels, Magda Szabó's Abigail is the most widely rea...

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Marina Lewycka: The Good, the Bad and the Little Bit Stupid
idegen The Good, the Bad and the Little Bit Stupid

Penguin Group/Pearson Company, 2020

George Pantis is in a pickle. After walking out on his wife Rosie on Referendum night 2016 to shack up with hairdresser 'Brexit Brenda...

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Ken Follett: The Evening and the Morning
idegen The Evening and the Morning

Macmillan-Heinemann, 2020

A TIME OF CONFLICT It is 997 CE, the end of the Dark Ages, and England faces attacks from the Welsh in the west and the Vikings in the e...

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Kevin Kwan: Sex and Vanity
idegen Sex and Vanity

Penguin Books, 2020

On her very first morning on the jewel-like island of Capri, Lucie Churchill sets eyes on George Zao and she instantly can't stand him. S...

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Jennifer Niven: All the Bright Places
idegen All the Bright Places

Penguin Group/Pearson Company, 2020

A compelling and beautiful story about a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die. Theodore Finch constantly thinks of ways...

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Kristin Hannah: The Nightingale
idegen The Nightingale

Macmillan-Heinemann, 2017

Bravery, courage, fear and love in a time of war. Despite their differences, sisters Viann and Isabelle have always been close. Younge...

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Colson Whitehead: The Nickel Boys
idegen The Nickel Boys


Elwood Curtis has taken the words of Dr Martin Luther King to heart: he is as good as anyone. Abandoned by his parents, brought up by his...

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Murakami, Haruki: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
Murakami, Haruki
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Random House LCC US, 1998

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is a tour de force-and one of Haruki Murakami's most acclaimed and beloved novels.In a Tokyo suburb, a young m...

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Fjodor Mihajlovics Dosztojevszkij: The House of the Dead
idegen The House of the Dead


The House of the Dead recounts the story of Alexander Goryanchikov, a gentleman who is sent to a prison colony in Siberia for killing his...

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Hornby, Nick: Just Like You
Hornby, Nick
Just Like You

Penguin Books Ltd (UK), 2020

'A charming - and sharp - love story about what it means to fall for someone who is your polar opposite' Sunday Telegraph________________...

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Clayton, Meg Waite: The Last Train to London
Clayton, Meg Waite
The Last Train to London

Harper Collins Publ. USA, 2019

National bestsellerA Historical Novels Review Editors' Choice A Jewish Book Award FinalistThe New York Times bestselling author of Beaut...

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Galbraith, Robert: Troubled Blood
Galbraith, Robert
Troubled Blood


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Bennett, Brit: The Vanishing Half
Bennett, Brit
The Vanishing Half

Penguin LCC US, 2020

Named a Most Anticipated Book of 2020 by O, the Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Harper's Bazaar, Buzzfeed, Vogue, PureWow, New York ...

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Kim, Nancy Jooyoun: The Last Story of Mina Lee
Kim, Nancy Jooyoun
The Last Story of Mina Lee

Harper Collins Publ. USA, 2020

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